Since its reopening in 2016, the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci embarked on a highly experimental path. To the traditional mission of every institution – collection, conservation, production, exhibition and propagation of contemporary art – it has decided to add some particularly innovative aspects: blending of all the different arts and the attempt to bring art closer to society.
The first aspect arises from awareness that the new technologies of our era oblige us to adopt a synaesthetic approach, that is to say the contemporary use of all the senses. To this end, the Centro Pecci intends to reinforce the original project, which included an open-air theatre beside the exhibition spaces, by exploring the meeting-points of all the various arts, all the disciplines of contemporary culture; not only the visual arts, but also cinema, music, theatre, dance, architecture, design, fashion and literature.
The second point of the mission is the intention to bring art closer to society, encouraging participation and addressing themes which are of common interest, in the belief that art plays an important role in building social values.
There is a third point, related to the function attributed to the Centro Pecci by the Regione Toscana: coordinator of the activities of the contemporary art system within the regional network, through collaboration with the other Tuscan museums and cultural institutions.