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Ristorante La Limonaia

地址:Via Firenze 83, Prato

电话:0574 592515


Ristorante La Limonaia餐厅融合意式花园和经典壁画为一体,最正宗的美酒佳肴,低调的摆盘只为让您专注品味最传统的托斯卡纳美食。

Opera 22

地址:Via Pomeria 64, Prato

电话:0574 606812


Opera 22,一家集味觉与感官体验为一体的意式餐厅,普拉多独一无二的中世纪城墙环绕的内部花园餐厅。菜色丰富、富有创意,食物采用高质量且独特的原材料制作。年轻、富有激情且专业的管理模式使之成为热爱美食烹饪、艺术和视觉文化的达人的必经之处。

Pepe Nero

地址:Via Adriano Zarini 289, Prato

电话:0574 550353



La Tazza D’Oro

地址:Viale della Repubblica 290, Prato

电话:0574 593771


La Tazza d’Oro是普拉多最受欢迎的酒吧,真正以品质、专业性和顾客为核心,距Pecci中心和警察局仅几步之遥,La Tazza d’Oro是快捷商务午餐的首选之地,早餐搭配顶级的点心和著名的“杰作(capolavoro)”咖啡,还有品种多样的鸡尾酒。快捷但讲究,搭配优雅的环境和活跃的氛围:您值得拥有!

Chef Republic
Viale della Repubblica 236, Prato
T 0574 072744

Chef Republic is an eatery where you can grab a quick lunch or have dinner in a relaxing atmosphere, enjoying a quality blend of “street food” and typical Italian restaurant fare. In addition to the daily menu of first courses and the vast meat selection or infinite varieties of pizza, the specialities include an innovative dish representing a fusion of the Italo-American gastronomic experience: the “cheesteak,” a unique mixture of first-cut meats grilled with melted cheese in a combination that, accompanied by a selection of side dishes, offers unexpected and extremely tasty aromas.

Osteria Cibbè
Piazza mercatale, 49, Prato
T 0574 607509

CIBBÈ, a historical “Osteria,” is situated in Piazza Mercatale where they once played the popular game of CIBBÉ. This small, welcoming and friendly tavern offers typical dishes from the Tuscan tradition and fish, with an eye on the evolution of food and good drink, and an assorted cellar.

La Fabbrica Alimentare
Via G.Valentini 102, Prato
T 0574870315


A redeveloped former industrial warehouse from the ‘50s, a mixed staff, a passion for street food and the cosmopolitan way of life: La Fabbrica Alimentare is all this.
The brainchild of Artista Spacciatore, La Fabbrica offers two platforms providing choices from the Japanese culinary tradition, among which the ramen, okonomiyaki and chirasci sushi stand out, alongside dishes from the simpler Italian and Tuscan cuisine, such as simple anchovies, lampredotto (tripe) and schiacciata, a flatbread made and cooked in our ovens. Fresh ingredients, produce bought daily, and regional products are our starting points.

Nomad - Pizzeria Birreria
Via Carradori 50/A
T  3453977996


Nomad is tranquillity and relaxation embodied in a historical eatery in the city which has always been a part of the Prato restaurant scene. The city walls are visible inside its large room. The menu boasts of many collaborations with local producers, such as Macelleria Marini & Vegan Delicious. The menu is based on pizza and platters, even vegan and gluten free, and there is a wide selection of draft beer. 

To Wine
Viale della Repubblica, 23, Prato
T 0574 550462


To Wine is a newly established and dynamic wine bar where you can taste high quality wines and champagne, combined with refined cuisine and quality produce. Gionni and his staff are ready to serve you lunch and dinner, or a simple aperitif, with a truly excellent gastronomic offer. Whatever your level of expertise in wine, the staff of To Wine will be happy to advise you on the perfect combination