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DREAM by Yoko Ono

Art and culture at the heart of the social and urban regeneration of the Macrolotto Zero zone in Prato


June 01—December 31, 2018



"A dream you dream alone is only a dream
A dream you dream together is reality"

(Yoko Ono)

Yoko Ono's DREAM project, curated by the Centro Pecci, with the participation of Fondazione Bonotto of Molvena and coordinated by PIN - "Città di Prato” University Centre, will be presented in 2018 in the Macrolotto Zero  district in Prato / Tuscany, bringing its immediate presence and great communicative impact: with a single word the famous artist will "autograph" the entire urban area, the so-called Chinatown of Prato where the greatest cultural and linguistic differences in the town are concentrated. The word DREAM (part of the broader project IN A WORD) was chosen by Yoko Ono to condense visions and desires about the future, which is then proposed as a suggestion to imagine the future at a historical, social and political moment of great instability.

Dotted around the entireMacrolotto Zeroarea, starting with the ancient walls of Via Cavour and Via Curtatone up to Prato Borgonuovo station and passing down Via Filzi and Via Pistoiese, the word DREAM will be positioned repeatedly along the walls and, as a consequence, it will be circulated in the press, on the Internet and across social networks as a distinctive "sign" of the quarter, or an invitation to the residents and passers-by to dream. In an urban context bombarded with images and continuous visual stimuli, a single, simple word scattered about in populated areas such as the Macrolotto Zero district in Prato indicates new possibilities, summarises the complexity and solicits ideas and visions. Free of logos and sponsors, apart from the artist 's name, the word DREAM  suggests a new system of meanings and evokes questions and suggestions, leaving space for everyone’s interpretations, stimulating new ways of understanding reality.




In 2009, to celebrate the prestigious Golden Lion career award Yoko Ono received at the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the Fondazione Bonotto disseminated the word DREAM , printed in large block letters on a white background and accompanied by the artist's name, in some Italian cities.


A prominent figure of post-war art, beyond her famous association with John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a leading member of the international avant-garde movement Fluxus, a pioneer of performance and conceptual art. Today she is considered to be a cultural icon around the world, from her native Japan to the USA, where she has lived since the Sixties.






from the 1 of June till the 31 of December 2018

Pecci 30

Macrolotto Zero


from the 1 of June till the 31 of December 2018