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Pecci ON

We're staying open with a programme of ONline events and ONair conversations


November 09, 2020—February 28, 2021



From 10 November 2020 the new Pecci ON schedule can be found on the museum’s website and social media accounts with ONline events and ONair conversations streamed live, alternating the new formats with consolidated initiatives that have been part of the Centro's programme for some time. To symbolically indicate the continuation of activities at the Centro Pecci, the project EXTRA FLAGS is back: each Monday a new artist's banner will be raised ONsite on the flagpole in front of the museum.

Pecci ON emphasises how the life of a contemporary art museum does not die out when its doors physically close. In fact, now more than ever it plays an essential role as a catalyst for its community, an antenna that captures the present by attracting ideas, voices, and artists to interpret the evolutions of our time and then returns them amplified to the territory and the world. 


On a weekly basis, from Tuesday to Thursday, Pecci ON will hold ONair events.

Every Tuesday two new formats will alternate, which were conceived by the Centro Pecci and are free of charge and open to everyone: #Museum2b and #KeyWords. Words that open up the present, from Tuesday 24 November.

#Museum2b is a series of encounters between prominent figures on the international scene – museum directors, curators, operators and professionals working in museums – which will investigate the role of cultural institutions at a time of marked change like the one we are currently experiencing. What is the role of a museum today, and especially a contemporary art museum? How is it changing? How can the museum of tomorrow respond to the requirements of its territory and communities of reference? Questions like these will be the starting point for reflections that will take place on a platform for open discussion, designed with the goal not so much of finding easy answers but rather of activating a process of listening and analysing the new requirements of a world undergoing rapid transformation.

#KeyWords. Words that open up the present: a dialogue between art and psychology. The #KeyWords format stems from a collaboration between the Centro Pecci and LabCom – Research and action for psycho-social well-being – an academic spin-off of the University of Florence, to openly address the individual and collective challenges we are currently facing, starting with the need to understand and share the difficulties that each of us is encountering, both personally and socially. Crises and uncertainties are the two most characteristic aspects of our vision of the present time and immediate future: this combination generates a sense of impotence in us in which the prolonged state of waiting we are experiencing is not perceived as “resistance” but rather as “survival,” similar to that of a castaway in a sea where the wind has dropped. If, as Viktor Frankl tells us, humans are “in search of meaning,” then the void of uncertainty can be filled by exchanges, reflections, and the dialogical meeting of ideas and experiences. These are the considerations upon which #KeyWords is based, placing the museum at the centre as a place that gathers a community around it, not only physical, but symbolic too – encompassing the museum itself, art, culture and science – where thinkers, artists and scholars all play their part in a dialogue for and with the listeners on topics that we are familiar with at this historical moment in time, starting with some keywords such as trauma, limits and trust. 

Every Wednesday there will be #PecciSchool events entitled Art in a changing world (1989-2001): a series of encounters on contemporary art from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the new millennium, open to students at no cost and to the general public for a small charge.

Every Thursday there will be presentations of the books and catalogues of #PecciBooks, or conversations with artists to further explore the current exhibitions with #PecciArtistTalk.

The Centro Pecci completes its offer with ONline content: on the one hand providing new material to enrich the Web Tv – the museum’s digital platform for in-depth analysis and research which for four years has gathered a great deal of video content on the exhibitions, collections, talks, performances, concerts and all the artistic activities curated by the Centro – and on the other the extremely rich Pecci Cinema programme, which every day will stream a wide range of first showings of films on the museum's website at different times of the day: the programme kicks off with matinées at 11.00 am, followed by afternoon screenings at 4.00 pm and 6.15 pm, and ends with prime time in the evening at 9.15 pm.  


Outside the museum EXTRA FLAGS is back, the project of artists’ banners which started during the lockdown last spring: each week the Centro Pecci commissioned a different artist to produce a flag which was then hung on the flagpole in front of the Centro as a physical sign of vitality and resistance. Now as then, the Centro Pecci hopes that ONsite will give a tangible sign of presence, mediated by the gaze of the artists: a real message to respond to the emergency and reflect on the extraordinary and complex times we are living through.



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