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Place by Fabrizio Prevedello



July 26—September 16, 2018

Curator: Elena Magini



Level 0, a networking format that sees collaboration between the ArtVerona fair and Centro Pecci, is delighted to present Luogo, a project by Fabrizio Prevedello especially conceived for the museum’s spaces.


The sculptural research of Prevedello, who lives and works on the slopes of the Apuan Alps, is marked by its mix of industrial materials – reinforced concrete, iron beams, glass sheets –  and the canonic elements of sculpture, among which the extensive use of marble stands out. This complexity within the work enables the artist to uncover an evocative dimension attributable to both the materials used and how they have been transformed.


For the exhibition at Centro Pecci the artist has created a narrative route where the sculptures are placed in relation to one another, amplifying the meaning within each of them. They are recent works accorded additional value due to their unusual location and the dialogue the artist intentionally sought to create between one work and another. The title of the exhibition, which, as is often the case, alludes to the artist's practice, refers to a suspended and evanescent space-time dimension, and to the multiple meanings attributable to the idea of place, including urban space, natural landscape, material dimension, ideal or historical.  

The sculptures presented at Centro Pecci are plastic shapes relating to the sculptural tradition, which with their geometry and colours echo architecture and its structural elements and are charged with opposites – solids and voids in the forms, the weight and lightness of the materials, the fact that they are both transitory and durable at the same time – thereby offering the viewer a layering of signs made up of metaphorical images capable of generating a multitude of possible narratives.





Fabrizio Prevedello (Padua, 1972)

From 1995 to 2002 he lived and worked in Berlin
since 2002 he has lived and worked in Versilia (LU)


Main exhibitions


La stanza del padre, 15th International Festival of Performing Arts in Forlì, curated by Davide Ferri



Interno, solo exhibition, Cardelli & Fontana, Sarzana (Sp); Chronos, Palazzo Barbò, Torre Pallavicina (Bg), curated by Angela Madesani



Hidden View, Amt für Kultur und Sportmanagement, curated by Nadia Ismail, Offenbach am Main (DE);

Intervallo di confidenza, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone, curated by Daniele Capra, Monfalcone (Go)



Bisogno di ispirazione, solo exhibition curated by Mun ange, Crissolo (Cn);

Passi Erratici, Museo Nazionale della Montagna, curated by Stefano Riba, Turin; “2° visionado de portafolios”, OTR. espacio de arte, Madrid (E);

Erste Episode: Dachboden Scheidswaldstrasse 5, solo exhibition, moz_a, Mobiles Zentrum für ästhetische Avantgarde, Frankfurt a. M., (DE)



Luce, CAMeC - Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, solo exhibition curated by Francesca Cattoi, La Spezia;

BG3 Biennale Giovani, Accademia di Belle Arti, curated by Renato Barilli, Guido Bartorelli, Guido Molinari, Bologna;

I baffi del bambino, Lucie Fontaine, curated by Luca Bertolo, Milan;

Il collasso dell’entropia, MAC, curated by Alberto Zanchetta, Lissone (Mb);

Blueshift, Localedue, curated by Gabriele Tosi, Bologna



Apologia, Museo Civico del Marmo, curated by Federica Forti, Carrara (Ms);

Casabianca, with Alessandra Andrini, Luca Bertolo and Chiara Camoni, Zola Predosa (Bo)



Sistema fisico, Studio MDT; Verde, Cardelli & Fontana, solo exhibition curated by Ilaria Mariotti, Sarzana (Sp)



Meriggio a Carignano, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Villa al Console, Carignano (Lu);

Sei gradi di separazione, curated by Ilaria Mariotti, Centro Espositivo Villa Pacchiani, S. Croce sull’Arno (Pi); Grisaille, Margini Arte Contemporanea, Massa;

Fa un po’ freddo ma non preoccuparti, Brown Space Project, solo exhibition curated by Luigi Presicce, Milan



Rendere parole alle parole, Cardelli & Fontana, solo exhibition curated by Luigi Cerutti, Sarzana (Sp); Letargo, with Adriano Nasuti Wood, Museo MAGra, Granara (Pr);

Less concreteness, with Sara Enrico, MARS / Milano Artist Run Space, Milan



L’inverno esiste, prove ed esempi, with Luca Bertolo, MARS/Milano Artist Run Space, Milan



Look@me!, Kunstquartier 2007, Berlin (DE); La Scienza e la memoria, curated by Chiara Camoni, Archivio Storico Comunale di Napoli, Naples





26 July – 16 September 2018


Curator: Elena Magini


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Pecci 30

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26 July – 16 September 2018