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Call for expression of interest in participating in the selection of the Director of the Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana for the Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci

April 03, 2018

Call for expression of interest in participating in the selection of the Director of the Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana for the Centro d’Arte Contemporanea “Luigi Pecci”



The Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana (hereinafter “FACT” or “Fondazione”), a foundation with private participation based in Prato, constituted by the Founding Members (the Municipality of Prato and the Associazione Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci) and supported among others by the Region of Tuscany (which in compliance with the Regional Development Plan 2015/2020 will become a supporting member of the Fondazione) has the following goals:


- management of the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci

- care and promotion of the permanent collection through study, cataloging, restoration, conservation and exhibition;

- increasing assets through the purchase of works, collections, publications and documentation of all types and whatever else may be pertinent to its activity;

- planning and organization of national and international exhibitions;

- activation of exhibitions, investigations, scientific research concerning art from the 20th-century art movements up to contemporary expressions;

- organization of multidisciplinary events and cultural activities regarding the contemporary scene;

- collaboration with public and private bodies operating in the regional territory which have the same goals, also by coordinating and promoting contemporary art production in  Tuscany;

- organization of studies; research projects; scientific initiatives; educational, didactic and communicative activities; exhibitions and projects also in collaboration with the school and university systems, with cultural, university and research institutions, with Italian and foreign public and private subjects;

- collection, expansion and conservation of informative and documentary material concerning all the contemporary artistic expressions, mainly in the context of the activities of the Centro di Informazione e Documentazione per le Arti Visive (Center of Information and Documentation for the Visual Arts) which is located inside the Centro Pecci;

- organization of initiatives for promoting and facilitating use of the cultural activities by the public and particularly by young people;

- collaboration with other museums and cultural institutions in the region in the context of the regional network for contemporary arts;

- creation of any activities, services and initiatives which might contribute to the achievement of the goals as of the above points;

FACT approves and issues the present call for the purposes of selecting its Director for the three-year period 2018/2020, excepting the possibility that amendments need to be made in the exclusive interest of FACT.






1. Object of the appointment

The Director of the foundation carries out his/her function in compliance with the rules of the authorities of the Fondazione and in particular with the decisions of the President and the Board of Executives of the Fondazione

In compliance with article 12 of the Statute it is the duty of the Director to:

Coordinate and direct the activities of the Foundation, plan and manage in a coordinated way the tools and human and financial resources assigned to him for the pursuance of the objectives defined by the Board of Executives.

12.3. The Director of the Fondazione, according to the aims established by the Board of Executives, specifically has the following functions:

a) to prepare the schedules of the activities of the Fondazione;

b) to prepare the cultural/exhibition schedule and the annual promotion of the Museum;

c)to draft the budget estimate and final balance, to be presented to the Board of Executives for approval;

d)to convene the Scientific Committee and establish the agenda of the meetings;

e) to normally take part, without the right to vote, in the meetings of the Board of Directors;

f) to cooperate in the administration of the assets of the foundation, following the general indications of the administrative body;

g) to manage the offices and staff and establish work schedules;

h) to inform the Board of Directors periodically, or at least quarterly, of the actions carried out and the results achieved;

i) to perform all the acts and activities of routine management.


2. Duration

The post will have a duration of three years and can be renewed subject to evaluation of the work carried out so far.


3. Salary and contract

The annual salary, determined on the basis of the candidate’s skills and experience, will be maximum €80,000 gross, to which a further sum may be added based on the achievement of goals predefined by the Board of Executives.

 The post in question does not constitute an employer/employee relationship but is considered as freelance professional work.


4. Requirements for admission

For its director, the Fondazione is looking for a figure with exceptional training and experience in museum work, who is able to develop the statutory mission of the Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana, in an exclusive way as regards the management role.

At the moment of presenting the application, the candidate must possess the following requisites:


- vast knowledge of Italian and international (particularly modern and contemporary) art;

- Italian second-level (5-year) degree or an equivalent foreign qualification; post-graduate qualifications will have preferential consideration;

- professional experience in five-year curating  or directing of museums, i.e. in cultural institutions with similar range and goals to those of the Fondazione;

-documented experience (papers, publications, research, national and international conferences) with particular reference to contemporary artistic expressions;

-experience in the organization of cultural institutions including managerial and budget aspects, with reference to financial resources and economic planning documents i.e. budgets and balances;

-experience in the organization and management of human resources.

The following will be considered positively:

- experience in multidisciplinary contemporary art fields

-  specific marketing and cultural communication skills;

- experience in crowd- and fund-raising and the promotion of forms of sponsorship;

-international experience;

-networking skills and aptitude for synergies and collaborations with national and international institutions.


The candidate must provide self-certification that he/she enjoys full civil and political rights and has not been subject to measures forbidding access to work in Public Administration.


5. Presentation of the application (procedures and deadlines)

The application must be written on plain paper in Italian, with a handwritten signature, in compliance with the example as of Attachment A, and can be sent from 24 July 2017.

The following must be attached to the application in order for it to be valid:

1) Educational and professional CV, dated and signed with authorization for personal data handling as of Dlg. 196/03, and containing all indications for evaluating education and professional activities.

The following must be clearly and unequivocally specified:

A - for educational qualifications: exact indication of the name of the qualifications, with date, institution awarding the qualification, and the exact marks and assessment obtained; exact indication of any professional training courses, specializations, PhDs, masters etc. (max. one A4 sheet)

B -for previous experience: precise indication of roles and relative tasks, of the institutions, the addresses of same, and the periods when the activities were carried out (max. two A4 sheets );

C - selection of 3 previous projects and/or activities retained by the candidate to be the most significant for the present post, these  can be freely documented;  

D - level of knowledge of the Italian and English languages and knowledge of any other languages;

E - any elements which may be useful in assessing the competences described in point 1.

2) a typewritten text of 10 sheets max. illustrating a management program from the directional/organizational and artistic points of view (in accordance with the unified function expressed in the statute of the Fondazione), and also illustrating the elements which testify to the candidate’s firm knowledge of the working and running of a complex museum structure . The description must be written in both Italian and the other language chosen by the candidate. At least 4 sheets must be dedicated to the development and concretization of the Centro Pecci mission.

3) three letters of reference signed by colleagues of equal rank, from one’s own or other institutions, and/or employers from previous posts.


To ensure their validity, the application and the attached documents must arrive by 15 October 2017 at the following address of the Fondazione: Viale della Repubblica 277 - Prato (PO) –Italia,

The application can be:

- delivered by hand to the attention of Elisabetta Dimundo;

- sent by registered letter with a form for acknowledgement of receipt ;

- sent by email to the address:

- sent by certified email to:

In the case of sending via email, the application, with scanned or digital handwritten signature, must be attached to that same email

The application must contain a complete indication of the sender and, in the case of a folder, must contain the indication “Application for the post of Direttore della Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana".

The Fondazione takes no responsibility for delay in or failure of the delivery within the prescribed times.

Any application presented outside the deadline indicated in the call or sent in ways other than those established in same call will be rejected.



6. Assessment of candidates

The applications will be examined by a Commission made up of three experts chosen by the Board of Executives of the Fondazione.

The commission will independently choose no more than 5 candidates, whose names it will communicate to the Board of Executives of the Fondazione.

The Board of Executives may ask the (non-binding) opinion of the Collegio dei Fondatori about the group of candidates selected.

The Board of Executives can select one of the proposed candidates after interviewing them, and its decision will be irrevocable.



7. Handling of personal data

In accordance with Art. 10, Point 1, law 675/1976, the handling of the data contained in the applications is exclusively for the purposes of the selection procedure, and will be done using computer procedures and by filing the relative paper documents.

The communication of these data is obligatory for the purposes of assessing the necessary qualifications for participation.