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<p>Daniela De Lorenzo, <em>Eventi</em>, 1991</p>


Daniela De Lorenzo

Artwork description
Technical details

The clear yet light signs of Daniela De Lorenzo unwind on three MDF panes. The artist forcefully traces the surfaces with a jigsaw that hollows and crosses a material composed of wood dust. The choice of MDF , a humble surface but one extraneous to any tradition, is not only aesthetic in nature, but also an emotional response to the collapse of the dominant ideologies at the start of the 1990s. As the title indicates, in fact, these elegant but not ornamental signs represent the start of possible drawings: from a landscape to a geographical map. Within tesearch on the creative potential  of the line, forms that determine "psychological sites" are traced on the surface of the panels. 

carving on MDF, 3 paneles