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Becoming a Gallerist


November 02—December 01, 2015

Intensive course on collecting contemporary art



How to scout young artists? How to understand properly what the expression “art system” means today? Which are the must-see events?  How to answer to the collector’s requests? Which are the differences between primary and secondary market? How to insure the art works? How  to set up an appropriate networking with museums and auction houses, in order to manage their own gallery to success?

After the success of Collector, which was the first course in Italy on collecting contemporary art, The Centro Pecci organizes Essere Gallerista (Becoming a Gallerist). The intensive course focuses on how to become a gallerist and it is addressed to those who want to start a career in this area and want to shape their skills, enhancing the art market. 
The participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with a considerable number of  professional experts in this area, such as Matthew Slotover, founder of Frieze, the curator Adam Budak, the gallerist Massimo Minini, and the collector Maurizio Morra Greco.


The course is limited number and anyone who wishes to join it could download the application form and email it to by Monday 26th of October. 
The subscription fee is 900 Euros. If the participants are pairs or professional partners, the subscription fee is 1.300 Euros to be paid on or before Friday 30th of October 2015. 
The lessons will take place at The Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato (Viale della Repubblica 277) on Monday from 14.30 to 19.00 and on Tuesday, from 9.30 to 16.30, from the 2nd of November, to the 1st of December. 


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Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci

Viale della Repubblica, 277, 59100 Prato PO, Italia


Head: Mario Pagano
T. +39 0574 531820
M. +39 392 9859876

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