Simone Forti. Senza Fretta




Winter 2021

curated by Luca Lo Pinto and Elena Magini



Senza Fretta is the first major exhibition in an Italian museum dedicated to the fundamental work of Simone Forti whose family was originally from Prato, where his great-grandfather established a textile factory. The exhibition, developed in close collaboration with the artist, focuses on a series of works that Forti made from the mid-Eighties, News Animation, in which the artist analyses the relationship between language, movement and physicality, starting with the news reported in newspapers. The exhibition includes performances, works on paper, video and audio works and is accompanied by a sort of “soundtrack,” put together by Simone Forti herself, who reads her The Bear in The Mirror, a collection of stories, prose, poems, drawings, photos, letters, notes and memoirs.

Senza Fretta has been conceived as a large landscape with a special display designed by Forti that demonstrates the natural evolution and exchange between dance, film, design, sound and writing through a political and at the same time personal view.



Winter 2021


On Cover: 

Simone Forti, A Free Consultation, 2016

Evanston, Illinois January 30, 2016

Cinematography: Jason Underhill


Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci

Viale della Repubblica, 277, 59100 Prato PO, Italia