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A project of Nub Project Space

Supported by: Regione Toscana, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Toscanaincontemporanea2020, Publiacqua


Licheni is an online platform and a virtual research laboratory, a transversal space where artists and non-artists can meet and intertwine. Just as the lichen is an organism derived from the association of two individuals who live together and benefit from each other, the platform will live between online and offline, drawing nourishment from one another. Licheni will host reimagined web-based artwork or formats, together with projects that are born in the physical space and develop on the online platform. Licheni is designed to develop, in the future, together with all the activities of Nub, becoming a space for the expansion of projects and over time an archive in continuous transformation. Attention is paid to the process; Licheni is based on the idea of change and evolution, in order to create a digital community, composed of artists and the public, who can imagine and develop experimental scenarios oriented towards the future, which challenge our habitual lifestyles and at the same time render a new model of community imaginable and appreciable.

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