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“Cinque per Mille” 0.5% income tax donation

Support the Pecci Centre with your tax return, it doesn’t cost you anything!

As a taxpayer you can decide to allocate 0.5% of your income tax (IRPEF) through your tax return.

It just takes a few steps to allocate your 0.5% to the Pecci Centre:

1. In your tax return (Modello Unico, 730, CUD) look for: “Scelta per la destinazione del Cinque per Mille dell’IRPEF” (Choice for the allocation of 0.5% of income tax)

2. Sign in the box “Sostegno… delle organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale, ecc...” (I support... non-profit organisations of social value)

3. Enter the tax identification number (codice fiscale) of the Foundation for contemporary arts in Tuscany: 92098360487



This is an important contribution for us.

This allocation, moreover, does not substitute the 0.8% that can benefit the Catholic Church, other religions or the State. Even those who are not required to submit a tax return can make this choice by filling in a supplementary form to the CUD (Consolidated Employee Certification).


Thank you for your support!



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More information