Senza vie di uscita

作者 Filippo Polenchi

受访者 Sam Shepherd / Floating Points | 2017年03月03日

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has earned critical honors thanks to a sound cultured and refined, with an obsessive attention to the "space" occupied by sound. We met him.

受访者 Andrey Kuzkin | 2017年01月30日

What does it mean to be an artist in Russia today?  We asked Andrey Kuzkin, one of the artists featured in the exhibition The end of the world.

受访者 Roly Porter | 2017年01月09日

Through minimalism, electronic and classical music, English musician Roly Porter describes his very personal research. A auditory, expanded and rarefied universe, where human beings are revealed for what they are: a microscopic speck of matter within a vast cosmos.

受访者 Noam Chomsky | 2016年11月30日

Sea levels are rising at the fastest rate of the last thousand years, the threat of nuclear war has never vanished entirely, Europe is experiencing the worst economic crisis of its social and cultural history. And yet things can improve, because of a characteristic which makes us unique and through which we can determine the course of our history, as long as we decide to do it. Word of Noam Chomsky.

受访者 Agrupación Señor Serrano | 2016年10月21日

Illustrating the disasters of humanity using an army of gummy bears. It seems like something from a Spike Jonze film but it is actually a theatrical performance by one of the world's leading theatre companies: Agrupación Señor Serrano. We met with them.

作者 Luis Sepúlveda | 2016年10月12日

A conversation with Luis Sepúlveda.

作者 Paolo Tozzi | 2016年09月19日

In 2016, the change in brightness of a star sparked the interest of the scientific community about the possible existence of an alien world. A suggestion like this reminds us that scientific thought is incorporating elements which traditionally come from different areas of interest, including art. Words of the astronomer Paolo Tozzi.

作者 Joanna Demers | 2016年09月06日

The sound of the end of the world: A brief guide to drone music.

作者 Daniele Pugliese | 2016年08月25日

Apocalypse: an idea, like that of love, which pervades the culture of all times.


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